What will I talk about?

What will I talk about?

Stories make the best speeches for beginners and experienced speakers. Try this method for preparing your speeches. Base it on a story from your own experience, preferably a recent experience.

The speech will be in three parts:

1. Start with a simple statement of the point, meaning or significance of your speech.

2. Tell a story which illustrates the statement, point, meaning etc

3. End by restating the point or meaning.

In your preparation, there are two important parts.

First, select the incident or event.
Second, work out the significance for it. The second part, deciding on the point or the significance, is what makes it a speech in terms of public speaking. It will probably be the hardest part of your preparation.

Use the methods employed by good storytellers.
Set the scene – describe places, facial expressions and physical movements.
Use pauses to heighten the interest, particularly before the conclusion, the final part of the story. Include conversation and report direct speech – the actual words spoken.

Look around at the audience – make them feel you are telling it to them. Relax and speak at a steady pace.

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